How to prepare SSC CHSL Exam LDC/DEO 2016

This exam is conducted by SSC to select the staff to work in Central Government Departments in various parts of India. The name of the exam is Combined Higher Secondary Level Exam in short CHSLE.

Syllogism: Basic Concepts

The questions from the syllogism topic of reasoning comes almost in every competition exam. The difficulty level of syllogism questions in SSC exams is not so high. Almost all the SSC exams i.e CGL/CHSL/MTS/Steno. have the same quality of syllogism questions.

Reading Comprehension Skills - Main Idea + Supporting Details

Comprehension skills are very important part of SSC English section. You can increase your overall score if you have mastery over this particular topic as it is far more easier than rest of the topics. You just have to understand the passage answer the questions below it.

Divisibility Tests by 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 OR 2's any Power

In order to know whether the given DIVIDEND is divisible by the given DIVISOR without actually doing the LONG DIVISION PROCESS we will require certain rules. And these rules are called DIVISIBILITY TESTS.

Divisibility Rules

A very old mathematical operation called DIVISION OF NUMBERS that we are doing from our childhood but we don't understand it clearly and also we don't know how to do it properly and what are it's applications. Let's see how much you know about division of numbers.

SSC Stenographers Grade C/D Skill Test Strategy

The stenography test of SSC Stenographers Grade C and D is conducted in 2 stages. The first stage is dealt with noting of the speech and the second stage includes typing of the noted speech on the computer. Let's see the details of this test.

Motion, Distance, Displacement, Speed, Velocity AND Acceleration

The movement of a body is called motion. Please note that here body can be living like humans beings and animals and also non- living like Car, Scooter, Book or any thing that can be said a non-living. The very first question is:

A Complete List of Multiplication Short-Cut Methods

I have searched the internet for multiplication shortcuts but I was unable to find the complete list. Some websites say 'top 7 multiplication shortcuts' and some say 'top 10 shortcut methods of multiplication'. So I have done my own research and at the end I have a complete list of shortcut methods which I am giving in this article.