How to prepare Quantitative Aptitude for SSC CHSL Exam

Updated on: 13-03-2017

The maths section of SSC CHSL Exam has 25 questions carrying 2 marks each. The syllabus of quantitative aptitude is very vast but you can complete the syllabus on time if you have a right strategy and good books.

There is only one universal formula to beat the quantitative aptitude of CHSL Exam and that is Practice, Practice and More Practice and then More Practice.

Let's just understand what SSC thinks while setting the questions for quantitative aptitude.

Quantitative Aptitude Syllabus of SSC CHSL Exam

# 1 Mensuration
  • Mensuration of 2-D Figures: Rectangle, Square, Triangle, Quadrilateral, Polygons  & Circles
  • Mensuration of 3-D Figures: Cuboid, Cubes, Right Circular Cylinder, Right Circular Cone, Sphere, Pyramid & Prism  
# 2 Trigonometry
  • Trigonometric ratios
  • Degree and Radian Measures
  • Standard Identities
  • Complementary angles
  • Heights and Distances
# 3 Geometry
  • Lines & Angles
  • Triangles
  • Quadrilaterals
  • Polygons
  • Circles
# 4 Algebra
  • Algebraic Identities
  • Linear Equations
  • Graphical Representation of lines
# 5 Data Interpretation (D.I.)
  • Tabulation
  • Pie Chart
  • Bar Chart
  • Line Graph
  • Mixed Graph 
# 6 Percentage (%)
  • Percentage
  • Profit/Loss & Discount
  • Alligation/Mixture
  • Simple Interest & Compound Interest
# 7 Time, Speed and Distance 
  • Time & Work
  • Work & Wages
  • Pipes & Cistern
  • Problems on trains
  • Boats & Streams
# 8 Fundamentals 
  • Computation of Whole Numbers: Addition, Multiplication, Division of Whole Numbers
  • Divisibility Rules & Finding Remainders
  • Square/Square Root & Cube/Cube Root
  • Factors & Multiples
  • LCM & HCF
  • Decimals & Fractions
  • Indices & Surds
  • Involution/Simplification Rules
# 9 Averages
  • Finding Averages 
  • Ratio & Proportion

How to prepare Quantitative Aptitude for SSC CHSL Exam 

The two most reliable books for SSC quantitative aptitude section are Quantum Cat by Sarvesh K. Verma and Kiran's SSC Mathematics Chapterwise Solved Papers since 1999 till date.

1. Quantum Cat

Most of the books out there are of two kinds. The first one is short-cut method book and the other is conventional book using formulas and traditional methods to solve the questions.

There is a disadvantage in using both the books. 

If you learn only short-cut methods for solving the questions then you will not be able to solve different variety of questions and if you use only conventional methods then there is a problem of time in solving a particular question.

And Quantum Cat is a blend of short-cut methods and conventional methods to solve the maths questions. It makes you an expert in both the zones (short-cut methods and formulas).

I will recommend you to read the review of Quantum Cat and understand why I always recommend this book for SSC / Bank Exams.


That will be enough for SSC CHSL exam. This book will give you conceptual clarity of maths.  

And after completing this task your next target is to understand the mind of SSC.

Things like what they think while setting the quantitative aptitude section. And this can be done with the help of previous years questions of SSC exams maths. That you will do with the help of next resource.

2. Kiran's SSC Chapterwise Mathematics

A very important resource as it will make you familiar with the type of questions SSC like to ask because everybody knows that SSC repeat questions so it becomes necessary to prepare previous years questions. 

So after having conceptual clarity from Quantum Cat your next job is to assess what type of questions SSC like to ask and this is where previous years question of quantitative aptitude section comes handy.

Now, the problem is after listening that SSC repeat previous years questions people do this stupid mistake which I know you will also try to do or might have done in the past.

And that is downloading tons of questions papers from any random website and trying to solve questions from those scanned papers. Now I am not saying that you shouldn't use free material.

What I am saying is If you closely look at those papers, they are scanned copies of questions papers which somebody have uploaded on the internet. There are two problems in using those question papers.

  • They look terrible. It is very difficult to solve questions from those papers because those papers are already used. They are filled with pen ink and dirt which makes it difficult experience for your eyes.

    And sometimes scanning of paper is NOT done properly due to which it becomes very difficult to figure out what is actually written.

  • You don't need all the four topics when you are preparing only for maths. When you are preparing for maths you will only need questions from maths and in this case as they are original question papers they will have all the 4 topics.

    And secondly, they questions are NOT categorized chapter-wise as they papers For example, if I have completed Trigonometry from Quantum Cat then I need previous years questions of trigonometry only.  

Now from here we understand the need of a standard book which overcomes these problems and come up as a solution to the above problems. 

So, in Kiran's Chapterwise Maths all the previous years questions are divided into chapters. For example if you want to study only Profit and Loss questions of previous years of SSC exams and that is also only of CHSL exam then you will strictly need to have this book.


And finally in the end after having the conceptual clarity from Quantum Cat and having the knowledge of what type of questions SSC like to ask by solving previous years questions from Kiran's Chapterwise Maths. 

You are now master of SSC Maths.😎 


  1. hello sir its urvashi...i want to ask that if i complete 1 chp from cat book then i will do the same chp. from ssc book Or first all the chps from cat book are to be done den complete ssc book is to solves...plz explain...some confusion regarding this....

    1. Okay Urvashi

      I think I've already mentioned in the above article that your first task is to complete the Quantum Cat.

      After the completion of Quantum Cat your next stage is to understand the style of the questions of SSC Exams and for that you'll need previous years questions of SSC Exams. From here you should start SSC Chapterwise book.

      It is also very important to do the chapters of both the books according to ranking given to them.

      (You can also ask your queries regarding these exams via email at our contact page.)

      Good Luck

  2. thnx a lot sir!!!
    i am eagerly waiting for ur english and gk try to publish it soon....

    1. Your welcome.

      We will publish the strategy for GK and English in the coming weeks.

  3. sir ...english k strategy kb tk aegi and plz tell k kitne time lgega ise prepare krene me aur daily kitne hours study krna beneficial hoga ssc chsl 2014 k lie??

    1. English Strategy will be published today [4th June 2014] in the evening.

      How much time it will take to complete the whole strategy?
      It's totally depend on you as I don't know what is your daily routine of studying.

      So If you have 3 hours in a day then you can divide the time like:

      (1) 1 hour - Maths
      (2) 1 hour - GK
      (3) 30 minutes - Reasoning
      (4) 30 Minutes - English

      Maths has a huge syllabus and from all the topics this is the only subject which will take more time as compared to other subjects.

      I can give you a tip on how should you study these topics daily. You should not practice Maths & Reasoning in the daytime. Do it in the night.

      Similarly don't do the learning stuff in the night as you'll feel sleepy. So GK in the daytime and Maths, Reasoning & English in the evening or night.

  4. oh!!!thank u sir 4 the valuable tip...
    nowadays to i m totally free as xams are over and college is off for 2months...then how much time should i give???

  5. sir 2days ho gye pr english k strategy to publish hui ni ab tk...

    1. Actually there is a technical problem with the site. The articles are already published but they are not showing at the main home page. But don't worry the problem will be solved today and you can read the English strategy tomorrow or Monday.

  6. vikas sir.. thanks for such an awesome & detailed preparation plan, its sites like these that are like a boon to students like us.

    Getting to my question now... sir, time has almost ran out for ssc chsl 2014 exam, as about 4 months and 10-11 days are left.

    QUESTION 1. Say i am a total newbie to ssc chsl exam and i commit to this strategy of yours what do you think are my chances to score around 135 marks?

    QUESTION 2. If i start start preparing now, should i prepare to cover the whole syllabus and get enough practice to crack this exam?

    expecting for you reply ASAP... THANKS

    1. Okay I'll try my best to give the a satisfied answer.

      So let me first tell you that you have lot of time for preparation. You can crack this exam if and only if you are very serious for this exam. Frankly speaking time doesn't matter.

      The notification for the registration of the exam will come in the month of July and the exam will be conducted in the month of Oct/Nov. Most probably November. That simply means you have over 120 days.

      So coming to your questions:

      Answer 1:

      This strategy is a general step by step guide to clear this exam. It is easy to make the strategy but very tough to stick to it.

      This strategy totality depends on 2 things.

      [1] How much you've understand the concepts and
      [2] Regular practice (for maths, reasoning, English).

      [3] Possessing the ability to store tonnes of GK facts.

      This strategy only provides you idea what to do and what not to do. If you possess the above 3 things then YES you crack this exam by following strategy.

      You can obtain marks as much as you can if you are ready to give 4 to 5 hours daily to the preparation of this exam.

      Answer 2:

      "Should I start the preparation now"

      You should start the preparation as soon as you've finished reading this article. What are you waiting for?

      Get the books and start your studies now. As I've said earlier you have over 120 days to crack this exam.

      Good Luck
      Vikas Taank

  7. sir thanks for such a satisfactory reply, i am all buckled up to follow the strategy to the roots no matter how tough the going gets, and yes i am quite good in english and reasoning, average in g.k. and q.a., sir i have a few more questions:

    1. i am willing to study for around 6 hrs (6-9 am and 7-10 pm can't in day as gotta go to collage), for the next 120 days with full focus and planning and 1000% effort, sir are you sure all this is gonna be enough as i have just 120 days?

    2. for speed and accuracy development practice sets are a must, so if i solve around 40 practice sets, in the coming 4 months will it be enough, or should i solve more or less than 40 sets

    breakup of 43 practice sets that i have collected:

    1. 15 sets of previous years question
    2. 15 sets of arihant's practice sets
    3. 08 sets of kirans fast practice sets
    4. 05 sets of mahendra's practice books

    3. sir how should i approach maths, and solve it, i am re-starting my maths preparation a few tips beside the "strategy" would be extremely helpful

    4. and sir if you publish some articles on how to increase speed and accuracy, it would be again , extremely helpful

    expecting your quick reply just as last time, ASAP

    thanks for such an awesome blog, its great for students who dont go to coaching centers

  8. Answering:

    1. Yes I am sure.

    2. For achieving speed practice sets are must but before it you should have clear cut concept understanding. If you have concept understanding then just go and solve all the practice sets that you've bought.

    3. If NOT then get the Quantum Cat (link in the article) and first clear your concepts, learn short-cut methods. It will convert you a competition exam maths master.

    This maths strategy is based on the books which I've recommended. Your approach should be like:

    #a. Concept understanding (from Quantum Cat)
    #b. Learn short-cut methods (from Quantum Cat)
    #c. Practice all previous years questions chapterwise (SSC Chapterwise Maths)

    #d. Then improve your speed through practice sets.

    One Useful TIP: You don't have to buy that much practice sets. Important thing is revision. You can easily revise these books. The above two books can crack CAT Maths exam (one of the toughest maths section in any exam). And it is just SSC CHSL exam.

    So just go with the books mentioned in the strategy above. You will send sweets to my address after getting the job. Ha ha...

    4. And lastly. You don't have to search the internet nor my website for short-cut method for speedy calculations, easy to remember concepts. All these things are already covered in Quantum CAT.

  9. Thanks sir, for replying fast.

    1. i just got the QUANTUM CAT book, now there are different levels of exercises... but in the strategy its stated that one should do the introductory exercises and then level 1 of the exercises and leave the rest. its really good that one will not have to do the tough level 2 and final round but i just want to confirm that doing level 1 will be enough or level 2 should also be attempted?

    2. also sir the sites i have searched before i stumbled upon this site, state that certain chapters from ncert books of 7th-10th standard should be done, for ssc chsl, in your opinion what should one do, solve the ncerts or not?

    expecting a quick reply again ASAP

    1. 1. You don't have to do Level 2 and final round. Introductory exercises and Level 1 exercise will be enough for SSC CHSL Exam.

      2. NCERT are good to build basics but Quantum Cat will do justice here. You can do NCERT if you have time and money to buy them. And In know you don't want to waste your time.

  10. sir just completed geometery from quantum, it has everything according to ssc chsl syllabus, bought fast track maths , arihant, total waste of money, quantum cat is the best.

    1. Fast track by Arihant lacks the content. I think Quantum Cat can be used for any competitive exam of India. Sarvesh K. Verma sir has done a tremendous job.

      Good Luck

    2. What are your review on Fast Track Maths 3rd(2014) Edition. Should it be purchased ?

      cgl aspirant..

    3. Not upto the mark, lack of quality of questions and lack of concepts.

  11. Sir I have four months to prepare for ssc chsl exam ...can I pass the exam in this mch time if I work hard enough. ..??

    1. Yes, you can if you prepared it seriously.

  12. Sir. I have got a new QA book of Sarvesh Verma. I am studying Mensuration what u recommended the following subtopics.
    1. Rectangles & Squares
    2. Parellolograms, Rhombus & Trapezium
    3. Circles, Quadrilaterals,
    4. Cuboid & Cube
    5. Cylinder & Cone
    6. Sphere, Prism & Pyramid

    It is not required to study syllabus of 3d figure (Solids) for SSC CHSL and CGL?? It can be used for CAT competitive exam only.
    3d figure (Solids)
    1 .Cuboid
    2. Cube
    3. Circular cylinder
    4. Right Circular Cone
    5. Right Triangular Prism
    6. Right Pyramid
    7. Sphere
    8. Hemisphere
    9. Spherical Shell
    10. Frustum of a cone

    Thank you in advance.

    1. Thanks for your feedback. I want to 4 things here.

      1. Firstly I have given the list of only those chapters which are in syllabus of SSC CHSL.

      2. Secondly 3D figures are in syllabus. You can confirm that by referring to official notification.


      I am pasting the syllabus of Mensuration from the official SSC CHSL notification:

      "MENSURATION: Triangle, Quadrilaterals, Regular Polygons, Circle, Right Prism, Right Circular Cone, Right Circular Cylinder, Sphere, Hemispheres, Rectangular Parallelepiped, Regular Right Pyramid with triangular or square Base"

      They have mentioned that Right Prism, Right Circular Cylinder, Sphere, Hemispheres, Rectangular Parallelepiped, Regular Right Pyramid with triangular or square Base are in syllabus.

      4. And lastly I have given the chapter of Mensuration as an example only. By taking the example of Mensuration chapter I've explained how to approach the chapters and exercises from this book.

  13. Sir. Its convincing evidence. Thank you a great deal for giving a lucid explanation.
    But I still have a little doubt abt 2 subtopics.
    1.Rectangular Parallelepiped
    It means Cuboid

    2. Regular Right Pyramid with triangular or Square Base
    Right Pyramid with triangular means Right Triangular Prism
    Right Pyramid Square base means Right Pyramid

    Is it correct?

    If not, tell me where i can find them.
    I'm awaiting ur constructive suggestion.

    1. 1. Yes, Rectangular Parallelepiped means Cuboid.

      2. And Regular Right Pyramid with triangular or Square Base. They both are pyramids. The only difference between them of base. The first has triangular base and second has square base.

    2. Thank a great deal for giving clear explanation.

  14. Sir,I am a slow learner and i regret it as it is a competitive exam and im attempting dis for the first time..I hav completed by graduation and has no other work except studying.I have even bought all d books suggested by u but im confused on on how many hrs to b spent on each section according to d weightage of the marks in the exams..
    plz suggest me any time table
    my parents r xpecting a lot from me and i dnt wont to disappoint them sir
    im preparing for ssc ldc exam 2014

    1. First of all. Burn your fears and tensions. As you've said that you are a first timer. Remove the things from your brain like.

      1. Whether I am going to be selected or not? What if I don't get success in my first attempt?

      2. And expectations of society like what my uncle will think if I don't get selected or relatives, friends or any other person who have any connection with you..

      See these kind of tensions doesn't help you to prepare for these competition exams. Competition exams can only be cracked with your focused studies and heard work. Instead these tensions gonna irritate you and make you run from the studies.

      2. Second thing you said that you are a slow learner. God doesn't give everybody an Einstein brain. But God has given the power in the hands of person to make his/her brain work like Einstein's brain.

      So coming to your final query.

      You don't know how to start or from where to start what to do first all other stupid questions?

      You bought all the books which I've recommended. That means you have won 25% war already. Most of my readers try to find alternatives (like free pdfs and other free material) of the books that I recommend.

      And It is good that you have only studies to do. The main advantage is you can properly utilize your time. Now

      I want you to make a time table of 6 days week that is from Mon-Sat.

      1. Start your day with the maths 2 hours daily. Go like Conceptual Clarity--->example---->practice questions. Don't worry if your answers are going wrong. Just mark them and leave them for future. Simply go to next question. Sometimes you will feel like what if this question come in paper. And then I'll say don't you are just starting. you will take over it after sometime.

      2. After that jump to English. 1 and half hour daily. Go like Word Power Made Easy----> then S.P. Bakshi. Just read these books solve exercises. Do not let your morale down if you are getting wring answers.

      3. GK (atleast 3 hours): It is the topic in which you just have to store the facts from all the subtopics. Go like Laxmikanth (try to finish 1 chapter daily)---->Lucent----->Economics by Mankiew. It is the topic in which it doesn't matter whether you like history, geography or economics. You have to mug up the facts and store them in your brain. Just remember do not try to memories. Just read and go to next.

      4. Reasoning: It is the subject of practice only. NO concepts. You will get mastery over the question after solving atleast 10-15 questions of every chapter.

      And lastly you can make changes according to the condition suits you. And if you feel any kind of problem just leave a comment or send an email. I will try my best to solve all problem of every candidate.

    2. Thank U so much sir, for your valuable advice.
      I vil surely follow dis timetable..

  15. Sir i want to give this ssc chsl exam 2014..
    so can it is possible for a newbie to crack this exam in due date...which is not much time remaining

    Kindly give ur valuable suggestion bcoz..

    1. i m new for this exam
    2. not so good in maths

    1. Yes you can. Just study, practice and revise and you will see the results.

  16. Hello sir its ankush 68 days are left for ssc chsl..and i did nothing ..i want to crack dis exam in first attempt ..but im weak in maths..please suggest ur views can i prepare dis rxam in 68 days??

    1. I will not say you can't crack. But if you don't give this exam then you will feel like "Kaash mane voh exam de diya hota kya pata clear ho jata"

      This exam does not have interview rather it has typing test. So why not give a try and by the why you are counting days. Just start your preparation and if failed to clear this year. Try next year. Moreover it is not the only exam of your life.

      There are other similar exams too. SSC Steno, SBI, IBPS and also Defence CDS and NDA.

  17. sir plz tell me links of english and reasoning strategy plzzz!!!

    1. They are present in the beginning of this article. And you will find the links to all the strategies in the beginning of every article of SSC CHSL strategy.

  18. Thnx for assisting sir,,sir tell me one more thing plzz the quantum cat book having tricks also???

  19. thnnxx for support vikas sir ,, after completting quantum cat which books is good for practise sets

  20. Sir main ek hindi medium ka student hu. Exam strategy to maine dekhi hai. But sir hindi medium ki books ke liye kuch margdarshan kariye plz.

    1. Mane aapke problem ka solution is article ke comment mein de diya hai.

  21. can u pls tell me g.k. k lie konsi book padhu..i m very low .....pls refer me book

    1. Please read this article for GK:

  22. Hello Sir Geomentry,Trignomentry,Algerbra are not satisfactory in RS Agarwal which book i have to refer

    1. The books is Quantum Cat by Sarvesh K. Verma and the link is mentioned in the above article.

  23. Sir mere paas quantum cat by arun sharma it not sufficient???

    1. Arun Sharma's book is good but not excellent. You can use that if you already have it. Be cautious, just understand the, practice basic questions. But don't forget to get Kiran Previous Years Chapterwise Maths which I have mentioned in the above article.

      Because that will make you familiar with pattern, style of questions, level of questions and also what's going in the head of SSC paper setters when they are making question paper.

  24. plz suggest me a best book for Quantitative aptitude and Reasoning for Bankexamz..

  25. hello sir i am Mahesh from delhi I want to know that...." Is Quantum Cat book available in Hindi Language ?? "...if not pls suggest for another book which is best for aptitude test in Hindi language pls.

  26. Sir firstly great thanks to you for such a great efforts
    my name is Manish
    my question is that Can I used Kiran chapterwise only in place of quantum cat

    Which one is best from these two

    1. Hello Manish

      Kiran Chapterwise Maths Book is recommended to practice previous years questions. It only has questions. It is only recommended to understand the mood of the SSC exam paper setters and the style of of questions they like to ask to the ssc aspirants.

      It is NOT an alternative to Quantum Cat instead you should use it to boost your preparation.

  27. sir can i buy study kit which is 3500 rs is it worth sir and they are giving add that 148 questions are asked from their bokk in 2013........please reply me

    1. Sorry Venkat I am not aware of the quality of study kit sscportal because mostly I recommend candidates to prepare from standard reference books in my strategies.

  28. will you please clarify me sir??

    Query (1)-- In commission website for obc the error percentage should
    be less than 6% what does it mean ????? How many
    mistakes will be allowed for qualifying in LDC and DEO..?

    Query (2)-- In the note pad while i was typing the passage the errors
    are counted spontaneously or after entire submission of
    passage...asked because after typing is over, with time
    left i can move my cursor to where mistakes present and
    correct and then errors are counted or not....

    Query (3)--After fullstop or comma i am seeing a one space in passage
    Is it correct ???

    Query (4)--If i type 1750 keys for ldc in 10 min and for deo >2000
    keys but my speed less than <35. will i qualify ????

    Query (5)--In given passage there are several paras to by typed..
    paras are showing two line spacing and some intendation..
    candidate should type like that only by giving double line
    space and give intendation( not typing from start of the
    line but after pressing tab key for some times...)

    Waiting for ur reply sir.. Thanx in advance....

  29. which are the best books for ssc cgl
    1 english
    2 aptitute(maths)
    3 g.k.
    4 reasoning
    sir your guidance helps everyone

  30. Respected Sir,
    Please suggest math book for hindi medium which is similer to quantum cat. And sir your site is awesome.

  31. Hello sir,
    As you suggested. I have done R.S. Aggarwal.
    So please suggest me what should I do now.
    Should I repeat it as revision or do some other book.
    Maths is my favourite sub. So my main focus is on maths.
    I haven't started GK and English yet.
    Coz I am thinking they can be prepared in last 4 months.

    1. I think you should start your GK and english preparation and solve atleast 1 previous question paper of CHSL per week.

    2. From can I get previous year CHSL paper
      I mean in which book
      Please provide link if possible

    3. You can download them from here for free.

  32. how much salary i can expect after selected as chsl data entry operator on pay 5200-20200..GP 2400 as on 01.01.2016.............?
    and how many days does it takes for me to get appointment leeter after completing chsl data entry skill test .....reply me sir.
    Thanks in advance.................

  33. Sir thanks for posting da strategies nd books for ssc chsl....

    Actually my question is dat in ur article on preparation of english,in dat u have said to study only narration of part d in sp bakshi....there are more chapters in part are dey not in syllabus?

  34. Respected Sir,
    Please suggest math book
    for hindi medium which is
    similer to quantum cat

  35. I got confused which book preferable for quantitative aptitude SarveshK. Verma's or RS Agarwal's

  36. Sir can we clear ssc chsl deo exam by preparing perfectly only kiran's ssc previous years solved papers..

    1. I don't know actually as it depends on your preparation level. You can use previous papers if your are good at everything.

  37. Sir
    1. The pattern of ssc chsl is going to be there any other strategy as per new pattern. I want to start preparation but confused because of new pattern.
    2. I am going to first time for chsl. Should i join any coaching Institute for preparations.
    Expecting for answer

  38. Sir i m vinod, sir plz tell me which edition of quantum cat should i use? 7th or 5th?, i think 5 th edition is latest one

    1. You should use the latest edition of the book.

    2. Thank you sir, Sir one more thing, in novembr attemt, there is a also a descriptive test, so please advice me how to prepare for it??

  39. Hello Sir..First time i am appearing for the exam..I am a medical post graduate and poor in mathematics ..English is quite good...How should i prepare with maths..

  40. sir.. i have completed my btech and i want to prepare for ssc cgl. plz tell me which books i prefer for all categry ( general intelligence, apptitude, english etc. guide me with how i go for prepartion. i m very confused that where to start.

  41. sir, you have not mentioned any marks distribution for number system, that means it can be excluded from syllabus, right?

  42. Sir which will br the better book : Arihant or Lucent and what are the merits of the better one?

    1. If you are asking for GK then nothing's better than LUCENT.

  43. Hello sir, how u doing?
    This is jaya here
    I have gone through just now, but am still confused and wondering that is this book really going to help in clearing the SSC exam, as am preparing for SSC plz let me know
    Waiting for ur reply....


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