Use Word-pad for practice of typing test for SSC Exams

Staff Selection Commission takes the test of typing speed with accuracy after written tests. These typing test are compulsory for everybody who cleared the written test. If you are a candidate of SSC exams then you should understand one thing that it is tough to crack the written test but it is 200 times tough to crack Typing Test of SSC.

If you don't know what type of software is used by SSC to test the candidate's typing skills the you should go through this article.

Now why you should use Word-pad instead of Microsoft Office Word.

You'll neither see Word-pad nor MS Word in the typing test. It is their own typing software which is specifically designed for SSC Exams skill tests. Then why we are recommending to use the Word-Pad.

The reason is the typing software used by SSC doesn't underline the mistakes, double spaces between the two words and other mistakes done by you in the typed text and Word-pad does the same thing. 

Now as you already know that MS Word possess much more features than any other typing software but they are useless for you as in the SSC skill test the software doesn't have those features.

Here Word-pad which is usually pre-installed in windows computer can help us. Word-pad doesn't underline the mistakes of text. You have to keep the eyes on mistakes yourself. I think you've got the idea why word-pad is recommended over MS Word for TT.


  1. hello sir , how much word should be type in one minute.???

    1. Sir pls mention the type of key pad used in exam.. should we practice in both the type ?

  2. Sir which type of key pad used in test ? Is the shift key just beside the letter Z? I own this type of key pad.. but there is another type also.. there is back slash b/w Z & left shift.. should I practice in both type of key pad ?

    1. It is a normal keyboard. Not any special one. You can see copy the following link into your browser URL box and see on what kind of keyboard typing test is taken.

  3. sir my typing speed is 45 wpm in 15 minute, but my accuracy 98% to 99% some day 100% , please tell me, it is good or bad, and what improve to need


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