4 practices that you should do if you are an aspiring candidate

Can you tell me some good practices of the successful candidate. In this article we will share some good practices that you should make your habits which will help in your preparation in indirect ways. Let's see how many of them you possess.

1. Have a strict time table for all the seven days of the week

I am not a kid or person who works according to a stupid time table. Well, this mentality doesn't work in competition exams. You should have a well structured timetable for your studies. A good study timetable help in many ways. It makes you work systematically. It helps to complete the work with efficiency.

Generally in competition exams you have a very huge syllabus and to complete the syllabus on time we should study according to a timetable. Timetable helps in completing every topic on time. It makes every topic equally important. Let me summarize the advantages of a good time table.
  • It gives equal importance to each topic. Imagine a candidate who love only maths and how he'll study generally. He will be doing maths all the time because he love to do it but competition is not only about maths there are 3 or 4 more topics other than maths which are equally important. 
  • It helps to complete every topic on time. Whether it is reasoning, maths, english or gk. When you are studying according to a timetable you know that it is the time to study maths, next is GK next english and so on. When you'll start your studies the syllabus of all the topics will be equal in magnitude but when you use a time table you will be noticing that the topics which have less syllabus gets completed automatically. 
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2. Revising Everything that You've Done from Mon-Sat on SUNDAYS

Revision is very important because you always have a mount everest type of syllabus especially in SSC exams. It doesn't matter how much you've done until and unless you haven't revised it. Keep this in mind. Revision is more important that completing the syllabus.  

So revise frequently. I always suggest people to revise on Sundays that they have done last week. It takes very less time to revise because you have done that thing in last week and the content is very small but if you think you can revise after completing everything then it's mistake. 

3. Practicing on the Paper and NOT on the Register or anything 

You will not provided a register or a notebook in the exam hall. You will be given a blank sheet of paper and it doesn't have the lines in it, just a simple a piece of paper on which you will be allowed to do your rough work. I recommend to follow the same practice at home.

I recommend people to do practice of Reasoning and Maths at the single piece of paper and not on the registers etc. Notebooks should be used for making notes. It makes you exam friendly because of this habit you will not feel awkward in solving the paper at a hard surface of table in the exam hall.  

4. Use brain more instead of paper and pencil 

As soon as you start your preparation one thing which you should keep in mind that the things which you can do in your brain don't write them on paper. Doing this you can save time and apply that saved time to other time consuming questions.

Usually you'll require to do some rough work in maths and reasoning section and there are certain things which you should do in your mind instead of using pen paper like addition, subtraction of 3 to 4 digits in your brain, instead of finding out square of 18 in the exam hall learn the square tables and simple tables upto 20.

There are so many things that you will notice is happening again and again that you can learn forever instead of doing them in exam hall.

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