Some bad habits that you should get rid off if you are preparing for competition exams

If you have a strong dedication to achieve something in your life then stop complaining and worrying about the things that you can't change and decide. A lot of candidates ask me the questions and queries that the school kids ask.

1. Results & Cut-offs: Some candidates start worrying about the results from the day 1 they have given the exam. They just go and waste their time in the online forums, facebook, whatsapp and everywhere where they can type and ask for result declaration and cut-off related questions.

Advice: Stop worrying about the exam that you have given. It takes time. It is not something you have to wait for years to get the result. Just continue your preparation for next exam and wait for the results. You can check for result once a week or twice a week.

2. Internet: Internet should be used as a source of knowledge that's it. This advice especially for new candidates. The biggest DISADVANTAGE of the internet is it makes you do more.

Advice: Everytime you hit Google just keep in mind that you will only search things for which you have opened it and nothing else and that will save your precious time and you can apply that time on more productive things.

3. Violating the timetable: It is very easy to make a timetable but it is wayyy tough to follow it. Only those people can follow it who are really serious about their careers. I know all candidates have a timetable but how many of you have follow it religiously.

I can tell what happen when you make a timetable. You set the 7 pm for maths and you are with your friends or watching a TV show or movie. It is 6:45 pm and what you will think. Are yaar abhi toh 15 minute hai. 

How it affects: Your show or whatever you are doing will end at 7. You will waste 10 to 15 minutes to gather the books, finding the page last time you left, to sit at your study table/bed/sofa for studies and other things.

Advice: If you have made a timetable just follow it strictly. If you have 15 min left to start your studies. Sit 15 min before and start the particular topic at already set time. Like 7 pm maths then sit at 6:45 pm and start right at 7 pm. That's how you follow a timetable.

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  1. Sir,, m Bobita .. mai 2016-17 ke ssc ke liyea preprsn krna chati hu..apne jo books mnsn kia hai lyk S.K. verma n all other kirans books kya 16-17 ke syllebus ke liye v yahi kharidu ya new books lene honge agr syllebus chnge hua should i wait or strt with yr mnsn books..pls sir suggest smtng..m quite cnfuse


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