General English Syllabus, Books & Strategy for both Tier - 1 and 2 of SSC CGL Exam

This is one of the topics which test your English Grammatical skills and reading skills. Yes, this is English Language test of SSC CGL exam. A candidate has to give this test at both stages i.e. on Tier-I and Tier-II. On the first stage it will be of 50 marks (having 1 question each of 1 mark) and on the second stage 200 questions each of 1 marks comprising 200 marks.

This English language test is not like any bank or insurance exam test. I have always mentioned in my previous articles that SSC has the most toughest syllabus in India. So your preparation should also be of that standard. Now let's talk about the syllabus.

Syllabus of English Language for SSC CGL Exam
GrammarVocabularyReading Skills
1. Common Error1. Synonyms1. Fill in the blanks 
2. Sentence Improvement2. Antonyms2. Cloze Test
3. Active/Passive Voice3. One Word Substitution3. Arrangement of Sentences
4. Direct/Indirect Speech4. Selection of Misspelt/Correctly Spelt Word4. Comprehension Passage test  

5. Idioms & Phrases

Study Material/Books
  1. For Grammar & Reading Skills: Objective General English by S.P. Bakshi and Kiran Chapter-wise English Language SSC Previous Years Papers since 1997 till date
  2. For Vocabulary: Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis
Strategy for the preparation
  1. For Grammar: First you will have to learn the rules of all chapters of Unit-I,II,III and IV of {Part A} and also Ch.1 of Part-D  of of foundation module of S.P. Bakshi and then solve subsequent chapters of Grammar from Kiran's English Book
  2. For Reading Skills: These chapters can be directly prepared by practising them from Kiran's English Book because you don't have to learn any rules to solve these chapters. 
  3. For Vocabulary: To crack vocabulary you should have excellent knowledge of English words and there is only book which will do the job beautifully here Word Power Made Easy. You will always keep this book with after reading it. 
Helpful tips for General English Preparation
  • Reading is Important: This is very important. Reading is very important in the context of competition exams. It makes you familiar with the new words, idioms of English language and grammar usage. Start reading from today and you will feel the difference in month. The best sources: English Newspaper, Competition Magazine and books. Some good books that you can read in your spare time. 
  • Watch Hollywood Movies, News Channel: Watching movies is a good thing. They help us to relax our body and brain. I recommend people to watch Hollywood movies in English language only and not in dubbed Hindi. One of the reasons is it does not loose its originality and the second reason is it help us to understand spoken English which helps indirectly in our meaning and usage of sentences. 

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  1. Your startegy on English language syllabus for SSC-CGL is explained clearly. Sure I am going to follow your strategy to improve my knowledge.
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