Reasoning Syllabus, Books & Strategy to crack SSC CGL

It only comes in Tier-1.Number of questions in this section will be 25. Each questions will carry 2 marks that sums up 50 marks for this topic. You don't need to do any special preparation for the reasoning part in fact it is the most easiest section in all the 4 topics.

In the following table I have provided the list of chapters which comes in reasoning section. I have also provided which chapters you should first prepare. Of course the chapters having more marks should be prepared first.

Reasoning in SSC exams including CHSLE, Stenographers Grade C/D and also CHSLE is not like banks exams. There are not high level reasoning questions in SSC exams.  

Syllabus & Marks Distribution of SSC CGL Reasoning Section

The following analysis of reasoning section has been done from the previous years questions papers of SSC CGL exam. This is done just to have an idea which chapters are important than the others.

Reasoning Syllabus of SSC CGL
Marks allotted to each chapter
1. Related Word
2. Related Alphabet
3. Related Number
9 marks 
1. Unrelated Word
2. Unrelated Alphabet
3. Unrelated Number
9 marks
Series Completion
1. Number Series
2. Alphabet Series
3. Alpha-Numeric Series
4. Continuous Pattern Series
5-6 marks
1. Code the given word, Letters and numbers
2. Decode the given word, Letters and numbers
3. Direct letter coding
4. Number/Symbolic Coding
2-3 marks
Blood Relations
2-3 marks
Seating Arrangement
3-4 marks
Direction Sense Test
2-3 marks
Logical Venn Diagrams
1 marks
Alphabet Test
1. Arrangement of words according to Dictionary
2. Alphabet quibble  
3. Word formation of Jumbled Letters
4. Words can be formed or cannot be formed
3-4 marks
Ranking test
1-2 marks
Mathematical Operations
1. Sign Substitution
2. Interchange of signs
1-2 marks
Logical Sequence of Words
1 marks
Inserting the Missing Character
1 marks
1-2 marks 
Non-Verbal Reasoning
5-6 marks 
50 Marks

How to prepare reasoning for SSC CGL Exam

As I have mentioned earlier that you don't need to do anything special for SSC reasoning. As in any reasoning chapters there are at most two or three types of questions. After doing five/six questions of any chapter you can do all the questions of that chapter as the nature of questions remains same.

Another important thing you should only do the questions which are important for SSC reasoning point of view. So, instead of buying any specialized reasoning book, just buy any book which comes with all the previous years questions of SSC Reasoning.

You can go with any book you want but in my opinion Kiran' Chapter-wise Reasoning Questions Since 1999 till date will help a lot. It has all the reasoning questions that came in any SSC exam till date. Sounds interesting!

Just get this book and solve all the chapters of this book and crack reasoning of CGL.

Good Luck!


  1. Sir is it enough to prepair reasoning from only kiran's chapterwise for ssc cgl...?

  2. Sir i am on the way to complete reasoning,aptitude & english for the very 1st time from the text books that u mentioned.after finishing all those subjects for 1st time, should i go for 2nd time or should i prepair from chapterwise solved papers and practice set???please help me sir....

    1. Just get the previous years papers and solve them by making real exams conditions. Starts your paper at 10:00 am to 12:00 am.
      Use the OMR sheet and a single piece of paper for rough work. In this way you will understand your speed, level of preparation and weak areas. And revise those topics in which you are performing well.


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