A Very Important Thing About The Keyboards for Typing Test

Computer skill test becomes an essential part of every competition exam in India. All the exams from clerical to assistant levels have computer skill test in their selection scheme which includes the test of computer application like MS Office, Internet, Email and most importantly typing skills.

It is useless to practice typing on laptop because the key pattern on some laptops is not the same as it is in the exam hall. They use normal QWERTY keyboards having separate number pad.

Some laptops doesn't have number keypad separately. Laptops keys have soft keys and hardly makes any sound but in the exam hall there are keyboards having sound like drum.

So basically you have to make yourself habitual to the separate keyboard not the LAPTOP keyboard. If you have a desktop computer then you will already have a separate keyboard.

Following is the list of some good quality keyboards from which you can choose ANY ONE for your use.

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