How coaching centres makes CRORES every year by making fool of candidates

This is the analysis the way the coaching centers are making fool of people and making lacs and even crores of money every year. This is because they know a candidate's weaknesses and how to convert those weaknesses into a successful business.

How coaching centres makes CRORES every year by making fool of candidates

Let's understand how they are doing it. These are two situations when you

1. Join a coaching class 
2. Study at home

When you join a coaching class

When you want to join a coaching class you start finding a good coaching centre in your city. You start with and then in the search results you find a list 4 to 5 coaching centres websites filled with photos of the successful candidates from their coaching centre. Now it makes a candidate go into a dream that some day I will also be marketed like this.

Anyway, you note down the names of these coaching centres. Next, you start asking your friends and their friends and some senior players who are already in the game about these coaching centres.

Some of them will give their suggestions and some will give you the names of more coaching centres which they think are good. Now you have a list of  8-10 coaching centres.

After scanning all the coaching centres benefits and listening the reviews from friends/relatives you join any ABC Coaching Class by paying hefty amount. Now it is very important to understand the fees structures of these coaching centres. As SSC have 3 tiers and banks from 2015 onwards will also have 3 stages in their selection procedure. There is a very bright future of these coaching centres.

SSC CGLE Exam Fees Structure & Total Expenditure   

1. Preliminary Stage (Tier - I): Rs. 16,000 - Rs. 18,000. This is on an average some big centres are even charging around Rs. 20,000 and as the competition level is rising day by day you can see more rises in the future.

2. Mains Stage (Tier - II): Rs. 18,000 - Rs. 20,000. Again 9 - 10 thousand for each topic of Maths and English. They will try to attract you with special offers like offering 30% discount for off season coaching. 

3. Worst Thing: Some coaching centres even have crash courses ranging from 15-30 days of period and they charge around 15 - 20 thousand for these crash courses and make fool of people by telling them that these are specially focused packages for the candidates at short notice but I don't know how you can any any competition exam with the preparation of 15-30 days. It is the ultimate stupidity to think a crash course of 15 days will get you a success.

4. Mock Tests: Most of the so called mock tests taken in these coaching centres are just copy pasted from the Practice Sets of Kiran Publishers, BSC and other similar books mixing with all the previous years questions papers of SSC and Bank exams. These mock tests are taken on Sundays every week. And people who are not joined these coaching centres can also take these mock tests by paying Rs. 100 - Rs. 150 per test.

5. Travelling: The cost of travelling also be included as you don't have any superpower that will take you to the coaching centre at the blink of your eye. Let's say you spend around Rs. 50 on Buses/Auto or whatever public transport you use for travelling. That sums upto 1500 to 1600 rupees for the whole month and Rs. 8,000 - 9,000 for 6 months coaching/travelling.

6. Time: Almost every coaching centre have atleast 3 - 4 hours of class specially if you are taking coaching for SSC CGL or Bank PO. And some of them are early morning like 6:00 am to 9:00 am because of the large number of students. You should also add at least 1 hour for travelling time. So, all in all at least 4 to 5 hours you will spend in coaching.

So a rough estimate, if you join a popular coaching centre of Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai or of your city for SSC CGL Exam.

Preliminary Stage (Tier - I) + Mains Stage (Tier - II) + Travelling 

18,000 + 18,000 + 9000

Total: Rs. 45,000 (Approx.)

Another thing which will attract you is that you get a lifetime membership of coaching centre. So after spending that much amount and wasting 2-3 months you will realize that the faculty of these coaching centres are not highly qualified professors rather they are candidates of bigger exams like IIT-JEE, CAT, CSAT or any other bigger exams than SSC and Bank exams.

They may also include people who were from engineering background who started their business. After spending thousands and wasting months you start self-study at home.


When You Study at Home

Now let's understand how much you will spend if you study at home.

1. Books: Almost all the study material are just copy pasted from these sources. You can compare these books with the study material provided by the coaching centres.

General Knowledge 
Maths + English + GK + Reasoning 
870 + 630 + 580 + 390 =  2470 means Rs. 2500 (Approx.)


Coaching: Rs. 45,000
Home Study: Rs. 2500 

Benefit: 45,000 - 2,500 = 42,500 (94%)

Now what! I think I will go with way where I will have a benefit of 94%. I think you are smart enough understand this analysis and I hope you will take your decision wisely. Please share your views in the comments below.

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