Creating library of books at home can create problems for you

When you start preparing for any competition exam, you want to know everything about that exam. The next step you take is start researching about the exam within your friends and if you don't find a satisfied answer then you go to the ultimate source of every question - GOOGLE.

Now there are hundreds of blogs and websites explaining the strategies and books to use for any particular exam. New and sometimes old candidates do a common mistake. They buy all the books recommended by different experts in this way they create a library of books at home.

Creating library of books at home can create problems for you

And after having so many books many confusions start developing in their minds that is which books to read first or solve first. From where to start my preparation of GK or any other topic. And slowly you start thinking that you have spend much more than the required. And this happens to almost everyone who uses internet for their competition exam preparation.

What You Should You Do Now

Now there will be two types of candidates in this case. The people who bought books on the recommendation of different experts/friends/siblings etc and others are those who are searching for the books for the first time.

1. Already Bought the Books: If you have already bought many books then do this. Start with the advice or strategies given by one expert and follow the books recommended by him. After completing all the books recommended by him you can use other books for practice or adding more information in your preparation.

Just remember if he has given only the names of the books then stop following If he has given everything you need like syllabus, how to start your syllabus of particular topic and books then you should follow him.

2. Researching the books: If you are still in the process of searching the books to start your preparation I will recommended whatever source or books you choose just keep these things in mind. Buy the books if and only if the expert has given the syllabus and a step-by-step strategy to complete the syllabus.

You can also compare the information given by various experts and choose the one which is satisfying more in terms of complete information at one place. And after buying books, first complete them with your heart and don't buy more books until you have finished with the previous ones.

You don't need to create library of books at your home. As low as the quantity of books more will be efficiency in your preparation as revision will take less time. So best of luck for the exam and keep visiting competition exam strategy for more useful information about the SSC, Bank and other similar competition exams.

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