Right approach to fill Candidate's Details and Answers in OMR Sheet in Competition Exams

In many competition exams one thing which is very common is the style of giving answers. We know that Bank and Insurance exams has crossed the traditional way of taking exams by going on computer screen.

But there are many prestigious exams till today which follow the traditional method of taking answers that is on the OMR sheet.

In this article we will learn what should be the right approach while filling your details and answers in the OMR answer sheet so that you can complete your exam in the given time period with 100% accuracy.

There are two sections in an OMR sheet in any competition exam 

1. Candidate's Details Section: Many candidate's do mistakes in filling their details like Name, Roll No, Test Form No etc. You have to be careful in filling this section.

Common mistakes candidates's do like filling the same column twice while filling your Name or Roll No. I will suggest you to use a scale for filling the details section. You can use a scale by placing it horizontally and then filling the correct option in the correct column.

2. Answer Filling Section: Now there can be two types of question patterns of your competition exam.
  1. Section Wise question pattern like SSC has: Reasoning, Maths, GK and English.
  2. Without Sections like FCI-AG: In this you have a mixture of questions of all the topics.
Right Approach

1. Section-Wise: When you have section-wise question paper like SSC then you should do one section at one time. For example if you are doing reasoning then first concentrate on reasoning and after completing it you can go to next section.

Place your OMR sheet alongside the question paper. Read the question and mark a small dot with the pen (not pencil) at the correct option's OVAL of the respective question number. Just do this for all the questions in one go.

After marking dots in one section say in Reasoning then dark all the dotted ovals of Reasoning section in one go. You should do all the section in this manner.

2. Without Section: Usually in these types of question paper you don't have more than 100 questions or 150 questions maximum.

Divide the questions into 3 or 4 sections like if you have a question paper of 100 questions then divide this into 4 sections of 25 questions each and then do this question paper like Section-Wise question paper.

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