Why You Should Solve Previous Years SSC Exams Questions

A lot of candidates ask this question almost every second day. And I used to give the same answer every time. Doing previous years SSC exams questions is very important and you will understand this after reading the following article.

Q.1 Is it really necessary to solve previous years SSC exams questions?

The answer is YES, because SSC repeats previous years questions. I don't know why but they do repeat questions. And the GK section has the most repeated questions.

Now please don't get me wrong here, the repetition is not as such of 15 or 20 questions. You can expect 4 to 5 questions from past years papers and that is I think a very big number as far as competition exams are concerned.

Second important thing is by solving previous years questions you get an understanding what type of questions SSC like to ask. You get to know the level of difficulty in questions. How far SSC can go in setting the questions.

And I think it is really important to know the level of questions to make your study more SSC exam oriented. In this way you will prepare the things which are important from SSC point of view.

Q.2 Should I solve the whole paper or solve them topic-wise?

There are two ways to practice previous years questions. First is you can solve the full 200 marks question paper. The second method is solving them topic-wise like if you are doing reasoning then solve all the previous years questions of reasoning only.

I like the second method by the way, because the first method is generally used to know the speed and accuracy of answers within the stipulated time. And I think the practice sets will do a great job in this domain.

However, the second method is much more helpful to store all the repeated questions in your brain, understand the level questions topic-wise. You can use the following books for topic-wise study of previous years SSC exams questions. They are the only source in which you will get previous years SSC exams questions and that is also chapter-wise.

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