Bank Jobs vs SSC Jobs: Read these articles before making any decision

I have seen various debates comparing the Banking sector jobs with Central Government SSC jobs on various occasions. The comparison between both the jobs is available both online and offline and if you are a new candidate in this competition game then probably you've heard people around you comparing SSC Jobs with Banking Jobs on various bases.

I have also researched on this topic and finally I have got some very interesting articles comparing SSC Jobs with Banking Jobs. These article will surely help you to take right decision between SSC and Baking Job.

1. The first article which I find was basically explaining the advantages of Bank PO over the SSC Jobs. Things like why you should choose Banking Careers instead of SSC jobs. And I think it has made some good points. I am quoting the points which I like the most. 
Growth prospects: You should always think in terms of long term, not short term. In long term, does SSC provide better career than PO. Obviously not. Think for yoyrself. Does a post in SSC gives you an opportunity to reach to the top i.e. Secretary to the Govt of India. Never. All top posts in your department or ministry will be occupied by UPSC Direct Recruits. You will always be junior to them throughout your career. There is no way to surpass them in seniority. 
Social Status / Gazetted status: Well, in our society Govt services are exaggerated. Social status is just a game of mind. I don't feel and neither should young generation like ours should feel proud if we have authority to 'Attest the Photocopies'. Come on. A career and a job is much more than that.
You can read the whole article here at this page. After reading, just come back and I have another interesting article which I think you are going to like the most.

2. It is basically a forum discussion which I found a few weeks ago. These are the real experiences of the people working in the SSC and Banking jobs. I guarantee after reading this article you are going to say just two words, Thank God! I am attaching some good points from the article which I like the most.

You can read the whole discussion at this page and make sure you read the whole article.

You can read more articles like this on this page.

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