Learn Number, Square & Cube Tables Upto 20

The very first step in the preparation of maths section is to learn the tables up to at least 20. I think this should be your first step. And by learning tables not only I mean the NUMBER TABLE, I also suggest candidates to learn SQUARE TABLE and CUBE TABLES and that is also up to 20.

Sometimes we stuck in the exams in the questions involving multiplication of certain numbers which we can easily learn and remember but we waste our time in finding out the product of those numbers.
A. Number Tables: Examples of Number Tables are:

2 = 2,4,6,8,10.....
3 = 3,6,9,12,15...

B. Square Tables: Examples of Square Tables are:

2 = 4, 3 = 9, 4 = 16, 5 = 25,..........20 = 400

C. Cube Tables: Examples of Cube Tables are:

2 = 8, 3 = 27, 4 = 64, 5 = 125, ........20 = 8000

For example you stuck in questions where you want the product of  283 X 18. This questions can be done easily by using distributive property like:

(200 + 80 + 3)  X 18

(200 X 18) + (80 X 18) + (3 X 18)

But here is the main problem you can do this question if and if only you've learned the table of 18.

3600 + 1440 + 54 = 5094

So it is highly recommended to all the candidates either beginners or old players, learn the NUMBER, SQUARE AND CUBE TABLES at least upto 20. It will increase efficiency in calculations.

Multiplication Series:

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