What is the probation period in SSC Jobs

Probation period is the period during which your employer can terminate you without any reason if he has any reason to do so. Well, this is just a theoretical definition of probation period. In reality it doesn't happen specially if you are in government job and that too after clearing SSC exams.

Just like there is a probation period of Bank jobs, SSC jobs too have a probation period. Most of the banks and insurance jobs have a probation period of 6 months and after that you are a permanent employee of the bank/organization.

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So, what is the probation period of SSC jobs after which you are considered a permanent employee.


Yeah, that's right 2 Years and that doesn't mean for 2 years you will be working like you are in a private sector job. This is just on paper. You will enjoy the pleasures of SSC government job from the day one.

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