How to prepare SSC CHSL LDC / DEO / Postal Assistant 2016 Exam

This exam is conducted by SSC to select the staff to work in Central Government Departments in various parts of India. The name of the exam is Combined Higher Secondary Level Exam in short CHSLE. This article is focused on how to prepare for SSC CHSLE Exam 2016. So if you want to work in good Central Government job then this is the exam that you should give. So, how to crack SSC CHSLE LDC/DEO 2016

First understand the exam pattern

The very first step is to understand the exam pattern and every details of the exam that you need to know about the exam. So, let me give you the overview of SSC CHSLE. There are 3 tiers in this exam.

Tier - I: Objective Test (Computer Based)
Tier - II: Descriptive Written Test (Pen & Paper)
Tier - III: Skill Test / Typing Test (of course Computer Based)

For In-Depth Analysis Read: Exam Pattern of SSC CHSLE LDC/DEO

In this article I have given all the answers related to the exam. Most of the candidates don't read the articles carefully and leave their questions in comments. And their comments are not published because their the answers are already given in the article. So, read this article very carefully. You will find all the details of the exam.

This article has over 200 comments in which I have answered all the questions of the candidates in great details. However, if you don't get the answer of your query you can leave comments and I will try my best to give you a satisfactory answer as soon as possible.

Second understand the syllabus

How to prepare for Tier - I: Objective Test

In your Tier - I (OBJECTIVE TEST) syllabus there are 4 topics: Maths, English, Reasoning and GK. You have to prepare these topics strictly according to the syllabus and with a powerful strategy. Another important thing is please buy real books. Do not rely on free sources like PDF, docs etc.

Generally, losers do things like downloading the pirated version of the books and try to study from those xerox copies. If you are from those guys please leave this exam right now and do something else. This is the exam of a real Central Government Job and you wanna crack this exam by using free resources.

I have written 4 different articles for the preparation of Maths, English Reasoning and GK separately. In each article you will understand the required syllabus, books that you need and a strategy to prepare the topic. I am providing the links to those articles.
These four articles will give you in-depth details of this exam regarding
  • syllabus 
  • marks distribution of the chapters
  • important chapters for SSC CHSLE
  • important books
  • what and how to study the books 
  • what to skip and wha needs more focus
How to prepare for Tier - II: Descriptive Written Test

This test is introduced by SSC to assess the writing skills of the candidates. As in original working environment you can be given the job which involve writing like applications and reporting etc. So, this test becomes compulsory to test the candidate's ability for the job. The details of this test is given in the following article.

SSC CHSLE Descriptive Written Test: Everything You Need to Know

How to prepare for Tier - III: Skill Test / Typing Test

The typing test of SSC CHSLE will be taken on a software designed by SSC on computer. You need to have 35 WPM (for LDC) and 27 WPM (for DEO) speed in typing. So read the following article to get the information about the skill/typing test by SSC.

How to prepare SSC CHSLE Skill Test / Typing Test

Two More Helpful Articles

Give final touch to your CHSLE preparation
Work Profile of SSC LDC/DEO

In the first article I have given some tips on how to give your preparation a final touch. And the second article is for general information i.e, what you will actually do in the original working place after your final selection.

So, Best of Luck for SSC CHSL Exam 2016

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