Analytical Reasoning by M.K. Pandey: Book Review

There is hardly any book which try to explain reasoning as a subject. On the other hand there are thousands of books on Maths, English and GK. 

But if you have never heard about Analytical Reasoning by M.K. Pandey then there must be something wrong with your bank exam preparation. This is Vikas and today we will review the bible of high level reasoning. 
A complete book review of Analytical Reasoning by M.K. Pandey

Actually the subject of reasoning is divided into two parts i.e. low level reasoning and high level reasoning.

Basic or low level reasoning contain topics like Analogy, Classification, Alphabet and Number Sequence Test, Coding-Decoding, Series, Logical Arrangement of Words, Inserting the Missing Character, Direction and Distance Test etc.

High or advanced level reasoning contain topics like Syllogism, Statement and Arguments, Assumptions, Course of Actions, Cause and Effects etc .

Anyways, you get the idea.....

And bank exams like SBI / RBI / IBPS / Insurance PO and Assistants exam have high level reasoning questions.

So, why you should get this book 

As I have already mentioned above that it is only for bank exam candidates or the people having high level reasoning in their syllabus.

But this is not the only reason to have this book in your book shelf and one of them is explaining style of Mr. M.K. Pandey Sir...

1. Excellent style of explaining the concepts 

He has an excellent style of explaining the things. Here is an excerpt from the chapter "Forcefulness of Arguments" from page no. 82. to give you an insight of his excellence. 
How do we answer such questions? To get an idea of this we should begin by having an insight into the problem. What is it that the problem seeks to know?
Well, let us, therefore, scrutinize the questions. We see that the questions consists of a statement. The statement is (usually) in the form of a suggested course of action. Followed by the statements are two arguments. One argument advocates the suggested course of action by pointing at the positive features or positive results of that action and the other argues against the suggested course of action by pointing at the negative features or harmful results of that action. 
2. Question overview-----terminology used-----step by step approach to solve the problem 

Every chapter starts with the type of question and its format. How the question will originally look in the exam. 

Then he explain the terminology used in the particular chapter. He also use tons of examples to explain those terms. 

And after that he presents step by step strategy to solve the question. 

3. A concept building book 

The main objective behind the creation of this book is to develop a feeling in the candidates that reasoning is a subject which you should take seriously.

And this is the only book that is working in this direction. It is not like any other book reasoning which give a list of 1000 questions of every chapter.

This is the only book that will develop your concepts of reasoning.
So, what about SSC Exams...

The answer lies in the syllabus of reasoning section of SSC exams.

Over 90% of questions of reasoning section of SSC Exams are from basic reasoning chapters whereas almost all the questions of bank exams come from high level reasoning chapters.

So in short...

It is only for those candidates who are preparing for BANK EXAMS.

Chapters included in the book 

The chapters are divided into two parts. You can see the chapter list in the following images.

Chapterslist of Analytical Reasoning by M.K. Pandey
Chapterlist of Analytical Reasoning by M.K. Pandey

So, are there any cons of this book

Nothing is perfect in this world so as this book. 

# 1 Presentation: the presentation of the content is not so impressive. The sentences are too close to each other.

# 2 Lack of practice questions: the quantity of practice question is less as compared to other reasoning books available in the market.

# 3 No previous years questions: this book doesn't have any previous year question of any exam. 

Final verdict 

If you will ask me this book is for the candidate whose main objective is to build concepts and who want to understand reasoning as a subject.

This is not a questions practice book so to solve the problem of quantity of questions you can buy mock tests.

As far as previous years questions is concerned then it is important to note that there is not repetition of questions in bank exams so you no need to worry about previous years questions. 

I will definitely buy this book if I want to build concepts.

Get your copy of Analytical Reasoning here at this page.  

What are your thoughts and if you have used this book then I would love to hear your experience with this book.  

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