Difference Between SSC and Bank Exam Maths

In any competition exam whether it is SSC or Bank, maths is the most important topic. Also known by the name Quantitative Aptitude this topic tests your calculation speed and that is also with at-least 90% accuracy.

Most of the candidates every year try to crack SSC and Bank exams because it is well established fact that these are the two famous doors through which you can enter a government sector. Although many people argue that PSU Bank jobs are not government jobs.

But we will leave this discussion for future posts let use focus our attention to the today's topic and that is what are key differences between SSC Maths and Bank Exams Maths.

SSC maths has geometry, algebra, trigonometry and mensuration

The very first difference between both of them is that SSC has these advanced topics of maths along-with other arithmetic chapters. These topics are only present in SSC exams. In fact almost 60% of maths section of SSC exams are comprised with the questions from these 4 topics.

Hardly two or three questions are asked from these four topics in Bank exams. You cross-verify the quantitative aptitude syllabus of SBI, RBI, IBPS or any Insurance exam.

SSC repeats previous years questions in maths

Second major difference is that SSC repeat questions from previous years exams. And not only this, sometimes the questions which they gave four years ago in MTS exam (which is 10th level exam) can be given in CGL exam.

So, what are your thoughts. Let me know what differences you've noticed between SSC and Bank Exams Maths. 

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