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Questions that I will not be able to answer on this blog or in email

Sometimes people send me questions which are way beyond the scope of my blog's objective. So, make sure to check any other source for these questions. Some examples are:
  • I wrongly entered Hindi as the language in which I will give the typing test but I don't know how to type in Hindi. So, can I make corrections now.
  • What type of Hindi fonts used by SSC e.g mangal or kurti.
  • Technical typing questions... If I type xxx key depressions then what is my chance.
  • I got xxx score in CHSL Tier - 1 exam and xxx in 2nd tier what is my chance to get selected. 
If you are preparing very seriously for these exams then you don't need to worry about such stupid questions. And by serious preparation I mean you know what and how to prepare for the exam.